CC/A Competition Eliminator 2014 SS Camaro

  • Chuck Haubiel New 5th Gen Competition Eliminator Camaro
  • October 2014

Project Description

This super slick 2014 Camaro SS was built by B & B Race Cars for Chuck Haubiel to race in NHRA Competition Eliminator. It's going to be running in CC/A, a Power Adder Class and oh yeah, it does have some power! In the engine bay is a F3 ProCharged Big Block with all the goodies inside including a Wilson Sheetmetal Intake, Pro-Filer Cylinder Heads and a Peterson Dry Sump to keep all those horses lubed up good. The interior features a custom powder coated intercooler, water tank and intake charge piping, custom air brushed dash with a Racepak V300SD Dash and a full complement of sensors to keep tabs on this beast.

The chassis is all 4130 Chrome Moly certified to 25.3 and is wrapped in a Five Star Carbon Fiber body for extra light weight. It also features carbon fiber wheel tubs, seat, panels and accents it to not only trick it out but save every ounce available. Santhuff supplied their famous shocks and struts to keep the Mark Williams equipped rear end firmly stuck to the track at all times. Weld's New V-Series Wheels were used for an up to date look, and JR Hill of Custom Motorsports Painting laid down the bright yellow PPG paint, this car isn't something you're going to miss out on the track!

  • Client:

    Chuck Haubiel - Gahanna, Ohio

    • 375 ci F3-131 ProCharged Billet Big Block
    • SFI 25.3 Chassis
    • .
    • Weld V-Series Wheels, M/T Tires
    • Five Star Carbon Fiber Body, Wheel Tubs, Seat
    • Santhuff Shocks/Struts
    • Racepak V300SD / UDX Dash